I recently graduated from the New Media I Studio, run by Tomáš Svoboda, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. In my work, I focus on different means of remediation, media archaeology, and retrospection.

Through an approach which can be described as mining into the past, I attempt to explore how the personal can be 'political'.

My work is co–defined by a lifetime of collecting things, information, and data, starting from childhood. I use this concept of as one of the main pillars of my work by exploring the function of the self–portrait in contemporary art, the psychological aspects of collecting things, and processing large amounts of data.

I'm interested in those themes and forms:
// self portrait (privacy, intimacy, emotional develompent, coming of age, teen angst, eating disorders, healing)
// pastiche (VHS glitch, decomposition, nostalgia, emotion of obsolete technology, recycling memories, retrospection, layering)
// fine art & graphic design border (digital and analogue color, animation, color gamut, gradient, monochrome)
// collections (cumulation, overcrowding, catalogues)


2023 Thinking through images: Visual Events of Miroslav Petříček, Prague City Gallery

2023 Obsession, group show, Regional Gallery of Fine Arts, Zlín

2023 Dream steam, Ji.hlava IDFF - Czech joy competition

2023 NTK Gallery, Atoms Bits Memes Waves, group show

2023 Screensaver Gallery, 16777216.cz

2022 Galerie Fotografic, solo show, Prague

2022 Galerie Pragovka, Prague

2021 solo show, VJ Lipp, site-specific two-channel projection, Prague City Gallery (GHMP)

2021 Cosmos gallery, group show

2021 Young camera Uničov – winner in Experimental film category

2021 Tehláreň Festival, Liptovský Mikuláš, Slovakia

2020 4+4 days in motion, site–specific installation, curator: Milan Mikuláštík

2020 Summer Film Festival Uherské Hradiště

2020 Artyčok.tv – video opencall 2020 winner

2019 Techné – group show, NTK Gallery, Prague, curator: Milan Mikuláštík

2019 Jókull – group show, Academy of Fine Arts, Prague

2019 Short film „Pastiš“ – Jihlava Documentary film festival, exprmntl.cz category

2019 solo show, VISUAL AMBIENT, 123 gallery Petrohradská

2018 4+4 days in motion, installation, curator: Nina Michlovská

2018 Short film „Moor Demon“ – Jihlava Documentary film festival, exprmntl.cz category

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